Sunday, October 31, 2010

escort card step and repeat backdrop

There are so many ways to do escort cards!.  I love the creativity that weddings bring to display such a functional part of the event.  Here, we took the escort card information and created a step and repeat backdrop with all of the guests names (alphabetized, of course!).  This wedding was in Las Vegas and had a very bling, red carpet vibe.  So this backdrop was an awesome way to incorporate their theme and give guests a fun accessory to take pictures in front of!

In collaboration with the bride, Dorothy Rose Events designed the look of the step and repeat with the same design elements from the invitation.  And our dear friends at Copy Cats Digital Solutions helped lay out the step and repeat, painstakingly placing each individual name in the exact spot to create the pattern and then printed the vinyl backdrop.  Our team also put this together on the day of the wedding with a simple trip to Home Depot.  PVC pipe was the main instrument in creating the frame.  It was super huge and really great quality.

After the ceremony, guests walked the red carpet and stopped by the backdrop to find their name and table and then take some glam photos!

The fantastic bride and groom totally loved the backdrop!

Backdrop:  Design by Dorothy Rose Events, Creation by Copy Cats Digital Solutions

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

book-themed baby shower

one of my baby showers had a fantastic book theme!  guests were asked to bring their favorite children's book to help build baby lily's library.  it was a great idea and today, lily loves going to her little bookshelf to choose whatever book she wants to read.  she's so cute as she walks her little bum backward with her chosen book to her papa and sits on his legs crossed on the floor as if his legs are her chair!

the sweets table with the cake by metzi.  the baby was soo cute and detailed!  other sweets were from costco.
IMG_2549 by aoedorothee
the games were a ton of fun!  chocolate in the diaper... and yes, this is our pastor trying to "test" out the "poop"!
we also had a game for the men.  they were given stuffed toys as their "baby" and they had to dress them with a diaper, a onesie, bib, cap and socks.  
here are the proud "dads".  
we played a partner game in which balloons were blown up and then popped by squeezing between two bellies!  

and out popped a baby!
the books received are very much treasured!


each guest received a favors of tea to enjoy with their favorite book!