Saturday, December 8, 2012

rolisa ges and jonathan ~ the feature video

so excited to share this video by jigs tambong!  i totally loved working with ges and jonathan during their wedding.  they're actually the 3rd of their nursing buddies that i've worked with and seeing them felt like such a wonderful reunion.  i'm so glad to have gotten to know them all and even have gotten to be friends with them.  much love and congratulations to you guys!

Friday, October 12, 2012

location spotlight ~ majestic halls

the majestic halls in the heart of downtown la is one of the most awesome venues i've seen.  i love unique architechture and that's exactly what drew my clients to this venue.  it used to be the old bank of america and the building was the bank's headquarters from 1930-1972.  you can see all of the old structures of the bank, from its wide spanning halls with large columns to the old vaults, where you can be seated alongside during your reception.

during our site visit, we received a grand tour of the location including an awesome space in the basement.  this is where the old safety deposit boxes were housed all within another giant vault:

these large glass cases were for the safe deposit owners to "display" their heirlooms and prized possessions. 
faaaancy, huh?

this vault is now decked out with plush furniture, ready to receive guests for a club lounge vibe.  

the ceiling's ornate antique wood decor and quatrefoil detailed doors:

and the penny bar:

it's such an awesome space and i can't wait to see it lit up and decorated in december's festivities!

Monday, October 8, 2012

janice and jeff ~ save the date

don't these images just exude romance?  jetstickseven photographed and created this awesome save the date feature of janice and jeff in lake elsinore, california.  such a romantic setting is totally fitting for this beautiful couple.  and the simple details that they incorporated in their picnic just make me so excited for what she's got planned for her wedding day in december.  check out more pictures from their engagement session here.

enjoy the video!

congratulations jeff and janice!  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

wedding memories post-garage sale

we had a good garage sale this weekend.  it was an opportunity to purge and let go of some things around the house and make room for new ones.  it was also an opportunity to clean up old boxes.  in cleaning up, i discovered a bunch of old memorabilia and this is actually what takes me so long cleaning.  i tend to start walking down memory lane and peruse (slowly) through all the old material.  this weekend, i came across binders from my very first wedding clients.  it was a proud feeling knowing what i did back then and how far i've come along with my business.  even back then, i really worked hard for my clients, just as I do now.  i found binders with dozens of venues researched, because they couldn't decide on a location.  i had every place covered from orange count to  long beach all the way up to santa barbara!  and of course, along with it came a detailed spreadsheet comparing each venue's amenities, packages and prices.  i was able to select and recommend several of the vendors and it was honestly one of the most "perfect" weddings i've ever planned.

it was also sentimental to come across some stuff from my own wedding in 2007.  old wedding magazines, ideas i had that weren't used, and remnants of items that were part of our special day.  now, almost 5 years later and with a 2-year old daughter, it was fun to look back at our first big project together as a couple.  we've gone through so many "projects" now:  buying a house and selecting furnishings for it, even registering for our first baby's necessities.  and i'm proud to say that we're a good team and he's the best partner to do it with.  he definitely balances me and has a different perspective that complements mine.  sometimes, he stresses me out, but in a good way too.  :)

oh and the best part to all this:  we made some cash and more importantly, some room in the house!  

Saturday, October 6, 2012

busy making updates!

i'm up late again, this time working on my business.  i find this part of entrepreneurship more difficult.  it's definitely more fun and exciting to actually work on the event planning side of the business.  but there's a lot of planning and coordination that also goes into running your own business.  so tonight, i'm making small, but significant changes to my website.  it may seem like small updates, but it contributes to a more cohesive brand and ties my presence all together.  i'm excited to share these small updates and hopefully, you'll dig them too!

ja tecson

Friday, September 28, 2012

genelle and peter ~ the rehearsal

i love this venue and i can't wait for tomorrow's beautiful wedding at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.  it's also known as the the Los Angeles Cathedral and it has so many awesome architectural highlights:

the bells:  in the past, men used long ropes to peal the ringers.  as technology improved, motors replaced those men.  and these days, these modern bells are computerized.  these bells swing as they are rung, as opposed to being static and being struck.  as the swinging bell moves towards and away from the listener, it creates a doppler effect, much as the increase and decrease in the pitch of a train's whistle as it passes an observer.  i heard these bells chime and sing today as we gathered for the rehearsal to begin.  it was such a welcoming song as we prepared for the beautiful day ahead of us.

caroline tran
the cross and lantern:  one of my favorite highlights of the Cathedral is the alabaster and the cross.  one of the church wedding coordinators once told me that the alabaster was imported from italy.  it appears to glow as sunlight pours in through its slanted crossbeams.  it was its usual glorious sight today, as we rehearsed genelle and peter's ceremony.  when we began, the sun was setting and the alabaster changed colors as the sun's position changed in the sky.  in the evening, as we were wrapping up, the alabaster is illuminated from within and can be seen from a far distance in downtown los angeles.

dorothy rose events iphone 4s (i don't have the 5 yet!)
some fun facts!  the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels enjoys some interesting comparisons with other Cathedrals around the world (from
  • it is 1000 feet smaller than Notre Dame in paris.
  • it is 21 feet higher than the washington National Cathedral.
  • it is 32,000 square feet larger than san francisco's Grace Cathedral. 
  • it is one foot longer than St. Patrick's Cathedral in new york city.  this was not true in the original plans, but topping new york by one foot was too much fun to avoid, a little inside joke even amongst the clergy.
and of course, every good rehearsal ends with a great dinner.  tonight's dinner was held at ocean seafood down the street in chinatown.  the excited guests clinked their glasses and genelle and peter reluctantly obliged and "rehearsed" their kissing in public!  you guys are too cute!  i can't wait for tomorrow's festivities!

dorothy rose events iphone

genelle and peter 1 day to go!
i often advise my brides to try not to look at these countdowns to their weddings, cuz it often brings about unnecessary stress.  but let's face it, who can resist?!  and when the countdown looks like this, who can keep from being excited!  genelle and peter are just the sweetest couple and i'm truly excited for their big day to come!

Jeremy Rafanan
almost there!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

anabelle and jerome highlights video

dorothy rose events
anabelle is my great grand lil sis from my sorority and i've seen her grow from totally partying it up in college to the beautiful and mature professional woman that she is now.  we had such a fantastic time planning her wedding along with her groom, jerome.  i'm so proud that they've incorporated such a love of God in their relationship and wedding and i know that they will have such a wonderful marriage.

here are the video highlights from their wedding by ethan j studios.  enjoy!

event planning:  dorothy rose events
venue:  aliso creek inn and golf course
photography:  wedding 64
videography:  ethan j studios
floral design:  elegant touch
ceremony and reception music:  elegant proposals
bridesmaids hair and makeup:  leann anderson artistry
bridal hair and makeup:  mary beth beauty
bakery:  rockwells bakery
late night snack:  bombdiggity dogs
flipbook:  D.J. Brother's Entertainment

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

rolisa ges and jonathan teaser video

i'm so amazed at how fast photographers and videographers get their stuff out these days!  ges and jonathan's wedding was just over a week ago and jigs tambong already has their teaser ready.  i can't wait to see the highlights and the full video!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

brides and their dads

a recent post from a bride with her dad on her wedding day touched me this week.  fathers and daughters have such special bonds and it totally comes out during wedding days.  through the defiance stage of high school days, to guidance in buying a first car or fixing that car, fathers are the men whom we often try to find similar qualities in our spouses.  

many people incorporate an ode to dad during the father-daughter dance.  below are just some of my favorites!

ges - the inspiration of this post!
from facebook
mina and her dad choreographed an entire swing routine to "heaven must have sent an angel".  it was absolutely flawless and fun!
ja tecson photography
jacqueline's dad is the friendliest man with so much love for his friends and family, especially for his daughter.
dorothy rose events
 my special moment with my dad.  i love how i wore my mother's wedding gown during this dance with him.
danielle biel from skye blu photography

angel with her dad.  i love how chris watches this tender moment from their sweetheart's table.
dorothy rose events
 and of course, chris, wanted his own moment with his new dad.  haha!  such mad love for dad!
dorothy rose events

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

monique lhuillier sample sale this sunday

great info for my brides!  i know you're shopping out there for the perfect dress.  why not try getting a fantastic designer dress at a discounted price?!  check out monique lhuillier's sample sale this sunday, july 15, 2012. it's one day only, so best get your booties there as early as 6am.  i'm sure it'll be crowded!  best of luck to you all and have fun!

photo courtesy of instagram

photo courtesy of instagram

Friday, July 6, 2012

sicky friday

lily is home sick today.  it's a contagious thing, so she needs to stay home from the baby sitter's.  so i, of course, am staying home with her.  i actually had a client meeting scheduled for yesterday and today, so we rescheduled both.  i'm sure glad my clients are understanding.

it's definitely something else being a mom... a kind of concern and worry that i never experienced before being one.  but then i can say the same thing about the love and wonder that i've discovered after being a mom.  i never thought i would have this capacity and it's been an amazing journey of love and laughter.  there are definitely sacrifices that it comes with, like difficult nights when your child can't sleep because they're in so much pain.  and then the tylenol stops working and you have to send your husband to cvs at 2 o'clock in the morning.  but somehow, you don't remember those as much as the joyful times.  like how happy i was today when lily and i had our usual dance party to a happy, peppy nickelodeon commercial.  how happy i was that she had enough energy to do that and go to the park, especially when she had zero energy when i brought her home yesterday and just laid down on the couch, staring at nothing.

i think the quote above sums up a point in parenting.  i don't think it's the medicines that lily will remember that made her feel better.  i'm pretty sure it's the fact that mama stayed home with her and the 2-minute dance party that we had in our living room today.  and that, is a happy friday.  :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

happy 4th of july!

it's the season of red, white and blues!  in every celebration, food is always central.  and this recipe is perfect, since it's berry season!  i super love this recipe for its freshness and ease.  i also love great packaging and party food, and this cheesecake in a jar is just too adorable!  

happy 4th of july, everyone!  stay safe and let's enjoy the freedoms that we have in this country!

Monday, July 2, 2012

destination: marriage!

how cute and adorable is this tiny little baggage?!  it's gonna be repurposed as fantastic little escort cards to tell people what table they will be sitting at.  i can't wait to show you the whole "baggage claim" area!  

Saturday, June 30, 2012

a new look!

it's been a super busy june!  i've been working on rebranding and create a logo that was just right for Dorothy Rose Events.  when i started on this adventure back in 2005, i kinda just stumbled upon it as an awesome hobby that i happened to be really good at.  and very soon, friend after friend who i was helping with their wedding kept telling me that i should really do this as a business.  and 7 years later, here i am, still at it!  i've developed a strong referral-based business and i'm so grateful that my clients love my work and continue to refer me to their friends and family!

and now, i'm totally ready for a professional look that is clean, polished and lovely.  i wanted a graphic that was modern, a logo that exuded elegance and style, but had modern details.  i've recently been really drawn to the quatrefoil shape, so i thought to incorporate that.  it's got great symbolism from my Catholic faith, so it's a meaningful symbol to me.  and i love that it's architectural and pretty at the same time!  

below are my business cards that were produced by tan at copycats digital solutions.  i worked hand in hand with him on it, and i love the results!  

please check out our new look on our facebook page, website and blog!  thanks so much for your support throughout the years and we hope to spend many more years doing what we love!  

Monday, May 21, 2012

merely sweets

Last weekend I discovered a new dessert place over in downtown brea.  Merely Sweets is a quaint little place that packs some big desserts!  Aside from the macarons below, they also feature all kinds of tarts and cupcakes.  Their variety makes it fun for everyone and their flavors are really good.

You can find Merely Sweets at 260 W. Birch Street, Brea.  It's in the downtown Brea area, right next to Bath and Body Works, across from the movie theatres.  Enjoy and happy Monday!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

mirrored tabletop adds to your table!

Love this mirrorred table top!  It's a simple detail that adds such value to your tablescape!  You can actually decrease the decorative items on your table because the mirror pretty much doubles anything on top!

Photo by Dorothy's iPhone

The photo above was from a preview session with a bride at LA Premier.  Rentals can be found through Empire Event Rentals.  Please let them know that you found them through my website and they'll give you the royal treatment (and good pricing!)

And here's a shot of the finished product.  Lighting makes such a difference in a room and the mirrored tabletop enhanced the candlelights and decor even further.

Photo by Andy Seo Photography

Event Coordination:  Dorothy Rose Events
Floral decor:  LA Premier
Mirror tabletop rentals:  Empire Event Rentals
Photography:  Andy Seo Photography

Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mother's day!!!

It's my 2nd year celebrating Mother's Day and Lily's at that age where she can do crafts with Mama!  No crazy gifts this year, but just a really great card.  I love the sentiment of cards more than actual gifts, so I was a happy mama!  Since Lily loves stickers so much, she and I created this card together for my grandmother, her great-grandmother, whom we call Mamsie.  It was so fun and so cute to do together!

It was a simple project:  just took a doily and glued it onto a folded piece of pink cardstock, so that the doily was folded onto the front and back of the card.  Lily had such precision in placing the stickers that spelled out MAMSIE.  On the inside, we spelled out L I L Y and she went to town scribbling all over - the best artwork that an almost 2 year old kid does!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  It's the hardest and most rewarding job ever!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

vendor spotlight - Amy's Tailoring

Tina, from Amy's Tailoring, does a fantastic job with my brides' gowns and all kinds of alterations. From hems to bodice work, to the only bustles that I trust not to come apart on the wedding day, she always comes though for my brides and at a very reasonable price too. Almost always, she beats the quotes that dress shops will give you for alterations and I totally think she'll do a better job!

I used Tina's services for my own wedding gown back in 2007.  My dress had a ball skirt and a super long train.  she was able to skillfully bustle it so that it minimized the bulk: 


Here's a fabulous double bustle that's she's working on for a bride!  

Tina can be found at:
144 West Bastanchury Road
Fullerton, CA

She actually moved across the street from where her shop use to be. The address used to be 111 West Bastanchury and that's where Google maps takes you, but it's now 144, across the street. So make sure you turn into Laguna Road into Bastanchury Square where the dental office and SAT prep is and away from the US Bank and Wells Fargo Bank across the street.

I know that I've sent many of my brides to Amy's Tailoring.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and your experience with her!  Please feel free to share it here or on our DRE facebook page!

P.S.  Do you know who the bride is in the picture?  Ssshhh, don't tell!  In a few months, I'll reveal who this beautiful bride is!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

event Insurance

For the vendors out there, here's a great site to purchase event insurance from: provided a super easy process, giving you an instant quote based on the number of attendees and length of the event.  Useful for annual insurance as well!

Happy planning!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

product review - spray adhesive

I love spray glue!!!  Be careful to distinguish between this and other products like photo mount spray.  It's not as strong as 3M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Adhesive.

In 1 hour, I was able to create 100 of these double-sided ceremony fans all by myself!  

Just need some ribbon to tie onto the handles and they're all set!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

leap year party

had a great time at the leap year party hosted by utterly engaged!  it was held at pandora on green in pasadena.  my favorite feature was the photobooth backdrop by sutando.  the guys were great and they can even customize the backdrop to whatever would coordinate for your event.  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

wedding ~ michelle and kevin

it was 5 years ago that i had the pleasure of seeing michelle and kevin get married at the beverly hills hotel.  this tree as their centerpiece was one of the amazing elements that kevin lee of la premier designed for the couple's wedding.  the table is custom-cut in half to allow for the tree trunk to fit in the center.  

stay tuned as i reminisce about their wedding this week!

Monday, January 2, 2012


new year, new blog, hopefully new friends and clients!  enjoy this look into our events and inspirations that we find!

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