Monday, May 21, 2012

merely sweets

Last weekend I discovered a new dessert place over in downtown brea.  Merely Sweets is a quaint little place that packs some big desserts!  Aside from the macarons below, they also feature all kinds of tarts and cupcakes.  Their variety makes it fun for everyone and their flavors are really good.

You can find Merely Sweets at 260 W. Birch Street, Brea.  It's in the downtown Brea area, right next to Bath and Body Works, across from the movie theatres.  Enjoy and happy Monday!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

mirrored tabletop adds to your table!

Love this mirrorred table top!  It's a simple detail that adds such value to your tablescape!  You can actually decrease the decorative items on your table because the mirror pretty much doubles anything on top!

Photo by Dorothy's iPhone

The photo above was from a preview session with a bride at LA Premier.  Rentals can be found through Empire Event Rentals.  Please let them know that you found them through my website and they'll give you the royal treatment (and good pricing!)

And here's a shot of the finished product.  Lighting makes such a difference in a room and the mirrored tabletop enhanced the candlelights and decor even further.

Photo by Andy Seo Photography

Event Coordination:  Dorothy Rose Events
Floral decor:  LA Premier
Mirror tabletop rentals:  Empire Event Rentals
Photography:  Andy Seo Photography

Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mother's day!!!

It's my 2nd year celebrating Mother's Day and Lily's at that age where she can do crafts with Mama!  No crazy gifts this year, but just a really great card.  I love the sentiment of cards more than actual gifts, so I was a happy mama!  Since Lily loves stickers so much, she and I created this card together for my grandmother, her great-grandmother, whom we call Mamsie.  It was so fun and so cute to do together!

It was a simple project:  just took a doily and glued it onto a folded piece of pink cardstock, so that the doily was folded onto the front and back of the card.  Lily had such precision in placing the stickers that spelled out MAMSIE.  On the inside, we spelled out L I L Y and she went to town scribbling all over - the best artwork that an almost 2 year old kid does!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  It's the hardest and most rewarding job ever!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

vendor spotlight - Amy's Tailoring

Tina, from Amy's Tailoring, does a fantastic job with my brides' gowns and all kinds of alterations. From hems to bodice work, to the only bustles that I trust not to come apart on the wedding day, she always comes though for my brides and at a very reasonable price too. Almost always, she beats the quotes that dress shops will give you for alterations and I totally think she'll do a better job!

I used Tina's services for my own wedding gown back in 2007.  My dress had a ball skirt and a super long train.  she was able to skillfully bustle it so that it minimized the bulk: 


Here's a fabulous double bustle that's she's working on for a bride!  

Tina can be found at:
144 West Bastanchury Road
Fullerton, CA

She actually moved across the street from where her shop use to be. The address used to be 111 West Bastanchury and that's where Google maps takes you, but it's now 144, across the street. So make sure you turn into Laguna Road into Bastanchury Square where the dental office and SAT prep is and away from the US Bank and Wells Fargo Bank across the street.

I know that I've sent many of my brides to Amy's Tailoring.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and your experience with her!  Please feel free to share it here or on our DRE facebook page!

P.S.  Do you know who the bride is in the picture?  Ssshhh, don't tell!  In a few months, I'll reveal who this beautiful bride is!