Saturday, June 30, 2012

a new look!

it's been a super busy june!  i've been working on rebranding and create a logo that was just right for Dorothy Rose Events.  when i started on this adventure back in 2005, i kinda just stumbled upon it as an awesome hobby that i happened to be really good at.  and very soon, friend after friend who i was helping with their wedding kept telling me that i should really do this as a business.  and 7 years later, here i am, still at it!  i've developed a strong referral-based business and i'm so grateful that my clients love my work and continue to refer me to their friends and family!

and now, i'm totally ready for a professional look that is clean, polished and lovely.  i wanted a graphic that was modern, a logo that exuded elegance and style, but had modern details.  i've recently been really drawn to the quatrefoil shape, so i thought to incorporate that.  it's got great symbolism from my Catholic faith, so it's a meaningful symbol to me.  and i love that it's architectural and pretty at the same time!  

below are my business cards that were produced by tan at copycats digital solutions.  i worked hand in hand with him on it, and i love the results!  

please check out our new look on our facebook page, website and blog!  thanks so much for your support throughout the years and we hope to spend many more years doing what we love!