Friday, October 12, 2012

location spotlight ~ majestic halls

the majestic halls in the heart of downtown la is one of the most awesome venues i've seen.  i love unique architechture and that's exactly what drew my clients to this venue.  it used to be the old bank of america and the building was the bank's headquarters from 1930-1972.  you can see all of the old structures of the bank, from its wide spanning halls with large columns to the old vaults, where you can be seated alongside during your reception.

during our site visit, we received a grand tour of the location including an awesome space in the basement.  this is where the old safety deposit boxes were housed all within another giant vault:

these large glass cases were for the safe deposit owners to "display" their heirlooms and prized possessions. 
faaaancy, huh?

this vault is now decked out with plush furniture, ready to receive guests for a club lounge vibe.  

the ceiling's ornate antique wood decor and quatrefoil detailed doors:

and the penny bar:

it's such an awesome space and i can't wait to see it lit up and decorated in december's festivities!

Monday, October 8, 2012

janice and jeff ~ save the date

don't these images just exude romance?  jetstickseven photographed and created this awesome save the date feature of janice and jeff in lake elsinore, california.  such a romantic setting is totally fitting for this beautiful couple.  and the simple details that they incorporated in their picnic just make me so excited for what she's got planned for her wedding day in december.  check out more pictures from their engagement session here.

enjoy the video!

congratulations jeff and janice!  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

wedding memories post-garage sale

we had a good garage sale this weekend.  it was an opportunity to purge and let go of some things around the house and make room for new ones.  it was also an opportunity to clean up old boxes.  in cleaning up, i discovered a bunch of old memorabilia and this is actually what takes me so long cleaning.  i tend to start walking down memory lane and peruse (slowly) through all the old material.  this weekend, i came across binders from my very first wedding clients.  it was a proud feeling knowing what i did back then and how far i've come along with my business.  even back then, i really worked hard for my clients, just as I do now.  i found binders with dozens of venues researched, because they couldn't decide on a location.  i had every place covered from orange count to  long beach all the way up to santa barbara!  and of course, along with it came a detailed spreadsheet comparing each venue's amenities, packages and prices.  i was able to select and recommend several of the vendors and it was honestly one of the most "perfect" weddings i've ever planned.

it was also sentimental to come across some stuff from my own wedding in 2007.  old wedding magazines, ideas i had that weren't used, and remnants of items that were part of our special day.  now, almost 5 years later and with a 2-year old daughter, it was fun to look back at our first big project together as a couple.  we've gone through so many "projects" now:  buying a house and selecting furnishings for it, even registering for our first baby's necessities.  and i'm proud to say that we're a good team and he's the best partner to do it with.  he definitely balances me and has a different perspective that complements mine.  sometimes, he stresses me out, but in a good way too.  :)

oh and the best part to all this:  we made some cash and more importantly, some room in the house!  

Saturday, October 6, 2012

busy making updates!

i'm up late again, this time working on my business.  i find this part of entrepreneurship more difficult.  it's definitely more fun and exciting to actually work on the event planning side of the business.  but there's a lot of planning and coordination that also goes into running your own business.  so tonight, i'm making small, but significant changes to my website.  it may seem like small updates, but it contributes to a more cohesive brand and ties my presence all together.  i'm excited to share these small updates and hopefully, you'll dig them too!

ja tecson